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Paul Nicholson
Djoko Saputro
Director Of Technology And Development
PGN Indonesia
Paul Nicholson
Zaher Sleiman
Advisor to the Minister, Head of LNG Unit, Ministry of Energy and Water, Lebanon
Paul Nicholson
S. Naraynan
Managing Director
Andra Pradesh Gas Distribution Corporation, India
Brian Songhurst
Martin White
Regional Director,
4Gas Asia, Dubai
Brian Songhurst
Melanie Wright
LNG Prospecting and Origination Manager MENA,
Olga Vedernikova
Olga Vedernikova
Clarksons LNG, UK
Alessandro Ciocchi
Alessandro Ciocchi
Business Development Manager
V.Ships Monaco SAM, Monaco
Engr. Tamunokuro S. Alalibo
Tamunokuro S. Alalibo
Consultant I&C Engineer, Ministry of Power & Energy, Nigeria
Ali Abdallah
Ali Abdallah
Business Development Deputy Manager, Middle East & Africa,
GTT France, France
Bruno Dabouis
Bruno Dabouis
Vice President, Marine Division,
Bureau Veritas, France
Paul Nicholson
Paul Nicholson
Managing Director
Marsh Energy, UK
Judith Kim
Judith Kim
Ashurst, UAE
Brian Songhurst
Hyuck-Man Park
Deputy Director / Ship Marketing Engineering team, DSME
Can you afford not to be a part of this industry landmark where deals will be done and partnerships set down for future collaboration? Request For Brochure
IIR Middle East would like to thank everyone who attended the 2nd Annual FSRU Conference. There were many interesting and informative presentations about the most current FSRU projects and opportunities globally.

Delegates listened to the latest FSRU operations across the Middle East and South West Asia. From the deep-water port at Kakinada and offshore Andhra Pradesh in India, to the latest FSRU tender opportunities in Lebanon and the Mindanao and Luzon Batangas area in the Philippines.

Insights into the bankability of FSRU projects and contract strategies were also discussed in-depth, as well as the latest innovations in FSRU technology. The conference provided ample opportunity for debate and discussion, with over 70 attendees from across the FSRU value chain. Companies such as Excelerate, Ministry of Energy and Water Lebanon, Andra Pradesh Gas Distribution Corporation India, DOE Philippines, Shell, GDF Suez, DMSE, Dubai Maritime City Authority all attended.

We would also like to thank our sponsors, chairmen, speakers and delegates for their dedication and commitment to the FSRU Conference. We hope that we can continue working with the industry in developing the conference to incorporate a larger overview of the latest FSRU projects and investment opportunities, and to continue gathering representatives from across the FSRU value chain. We would like to remind everyone that all presentations are available on-line:

Once again we would like to thank our sponsors and exhibitors for their support to the event:

As the LNG market continues to grow internationally FSRUs have become an increasingly important component, in particular to smaller and growing economies worldwide. With 11 active FSRUs and over 40 approved and planned for the following years, the growth rate for FSRUs is increasing steeply. FSRU operations are likely to surge by 100% in the next two years as Governments and private companies continue to take advantage of a faster, cheaper and more flexible means of re-gasifying LNG.

The 2nd Annual FSRU International 2014 Summit is the ONLY FSRU summit taking place in the Middle East, with a larger geographical focus including the Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean, India, Indonesia and Africa. FSRU 2014 provides you with a platform to hear the latest existing and planned FSRU operations in Indonesia, India, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon and other regional hot spots and investment areas. We are pleased to be the ONLY event in the region to draw together the leading international players in this exciting new area of the LNG industry to forge working relationships and fast-track new projects.
Why You Have To Be There:

➜ Hear the latest existing and planned FSRU projects internationally
➜ Meet the key decision makers across the value chain
➜ Identify your place in the market and understand where
your services are needed
➜ Increase your market visibility and improve your competitor analysis & benchmarking

Critical Topic Highlights Include:

➜ Market Overview and commercial indicators for growth LNG & FSRUs
➜ A series of in-depth case-studies which examine the upcoming opportunities within FSRU
➜ Addressing the reality checks within FSRU projects: what leads to the so-called sleepers
➜ Risk Management strategies: how to reduce risk on FSRU projects
➜ Conversions Vs. New-build
➜ Operational engineering challenges: Shipbuilding perspectives